2009 - Empowering communities through evaluation: some lessons from rural Spain


Autores: Díaz Puente, J.M.; Cazorla A.; De los Ríos, I.
Título: Empowering communities through evaluation: some lessons from rural Spain
Revista: Community Develpment Journal. ISSN: 0010-3802 
Volumen: 44 (1)
PáGINAS: inicial: 53 final: 67
Fecha: 2009
Lugar de Publicación: Oxford University Press. Reino Unido
Enlace:  www.oxfordjournals.org


The practice of evaluation has generated a culture that has become part of the implementation and management of public policies in Europe. Rural areas, with little tradition of evaluation, have been most challenged by its introduction. This paper analyses the influence of evaluation activities in three local programs and partnerships created in the rural areas of Madrid under the European LEADER initiative, whose aim is to encourage rural development at the local level. The results show the capacity of evaluation to foster community empowerment. The expansion of evaluation culture at the local level can translate into one of continuous improvement that supports empowerment and community development.

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