2007 - Crossing national, continental and liguistic boundaries: Toward a worldwide evaluation

Autores: Díaz Puente, J.M.; Cazorla A.; Dorrego, A. 
Título: Crossing national, continental and linguistic boundaries:  Toward a worldwide evaluation research community in journals of evaluation 
Revista: American Journal of Evaluation. ISSN: 1098-2140 
Volumen: 28 (4)
PáGINAS: inicial: 399  final: 415 
Fecha: Diciembre 2007
Lugar de Publicación: USA
Enlace: www.aje.sagepub.com


In an attempt to build a worldwide evaluation community, English evaluation journals are best positioned to promote international dialogue and increasingly provide international exchanges that deepen and enrich the evaluation field. This article analyzes the degree of internationalization achieved by these journals by looking at the extent of international authorship of the contributions they publish. Results show that—in spite of the efforts made—national, continental, and linguistic boundaries are still hindering the international exchange in the journals. Discussion is presented concerning the implications of these results and the efforts required to take greater advantage of the English journals to bridge national and regional traditions in the evaluation field.
Keywords: evaluation journals; internationalization; international exchange; cross-fertilization; boundarie

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