2017.- Traceability of Intra- and Interpersonal Skills: From Education to Labor Market

Case Study of Innovative Projects Autores: Cerezo-Narváez, A., Bastante, M.J & Yagüe, J.L.
Título del capítulo: Traceability of Intra- and Interpersonal Skills: From Education to Labor Market
Editores: Pastor-Fernández, A. & Otero-Mateo, M
Título del libro: Human Capital and Competences in Project Management
Fecha: 20 diciembre 2017
Lugar: University of Cádiz, Spain
Editorial: InTechOpen
ISBN/ISSN/DOI: ISBN: 978-9563-51-3787-0 / DOI: 10.5772/71275
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About the chapter

Both educators and employers agree there is a growing gap between competences that labor market expects from its new employees and skills they own. Literature review holds that a set of nontechnical, professional abilities and intra- and interpersonal attitudes are required to close this gap and indicates that more training of soft skills is needed to access employment and success in work life. Although these skills are theoretically included in educational stages, project management approach can be incorporated to improve students and new employees’ practical curricula. The methodology consists of the critical review of the competency frameworks established by the DeSeCo and Tuning projects, confronting them against the requirements currently demanded by labor market, based on the reports of Deloitte, PwC, EY, and KPMG, to detect inconsistencies between educational and professional stages and check if project management standards, by PMI and IPMA, cover them. Compiling these weaknesses, actions can be established aimed at solving them, based on project management proposals. The incorporation of project management concepts into educational stages, especially the vision by competences, contributes to improve the employability by highlighting those transverse but essential skills that lead to versatile and successful professionals. To achieve this, it is necessary to care for human competences.

Keywords: intrapersonal competences; interpersonal competences; soft skills; twenty-first century skills; DeSeCo project; Tuning project; IPMA ICB; PMI PMCDF




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