José Ignacio Trueba Jainaga

José Ignacio Trueba Jainaga

Professor Emeritus of the Projects and Rural Planning Department

Avda. Puerta de Hierro, 2 - 28040 Madrid
School of Agricultural, Food and Biosystems Engineering (ETSIAAB, UPM)

Telf: 913 474 144

JOSÉ IGNACIO TRUEBA JAINAGA was born in 1937 in Madrid. He is a Doctor of Agricultural Engineering at Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Professor Emeritus in the Department of Projects and Rural Planning, ETSI Agronomists (UPM).

Director of the Department of Projects and Rural Planning, ETSI Agronomists (UPM), from September 1985 to July 2006.

Permanent Representative of Spain at United Nations FAO and WFP, from October 1996 to February 2001.



Fellow "Planning and Accountability" at City University of London, since February 1973

Fellow "Business Administration" at City University of London, since January 1973

Fellow "Investment Policy and Project Evaluation" at World Bank, USA; since March 1971

Bachelor of Economics at the Fac. Of Economics at UCM in April 1972

Doctor Agronomist at UPM, since December 1965

Agronomist at ETSI Agronomists at UPM since September 1963


Specialist with more than 30 years of experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of rural development projects. National Consultant of more than 17 countries in Latin America, Asia and Europe. Research on socio-economic evaluation of plans and programmes for irrigation, cooperation and development projects and food security. Publication of books, papers and articles on issues related to world hunger.

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