2008 - Building Evaluation Capacity in Spain


Autores: Díaz Puente, J.M.; Yagüe, J.L.; Afonso, A. 
Título: Building Evaluation Capacity in Spain: A Case Study of Rural Development and Empowerment in the European Union 
Revista: Evaluation Review. ISSN: 0193-841-X Sage Publications. USA
Volumen: 32 (5)
PáGINAS: inicial: 478    final: 506
Fecha: 2008
Lugar de Publicación: Madrid
Enlace: www.sagepub.com


The development of European Community administrative authority has greatly influenced the development of an evaluation culture among the southern and central member states of the European Union. The present case study from Spain provides an example of this diffusion through the use of an empowerment evaluation approach to build evaluation capacity within the context of rural development. The study focuses on the evaluation process over a 10-year period of three local development programs run by three local partnerships created in the rural areas of the Madrid region through the European LEADER initiative. Critical components of empowerment evaluation are discussed, as well as the impact, limitations, difficulties, and applicability of the approach to rural development in the European Union. Conclusions are presented concerning evaluation capacity building and the development of an evaluation culture.

Key Words: evaluation culture • evaluation capacity building • empowerment evaluation • local partnership • rural development 

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