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2016 - Energy Efficiency Strategies for Ecological Greenhouses: Experiences from Murcia (Spain)

Autores: Hilario Becerril e Ignacio de los Ríos
Título: Energy Efficiency Strategies for Ecological Greenhouses: Experiences from Murcia (Spain)
Revista: Energies
Volumen: 9
Páginas: inicial:1 fiinal: 23
Fecha: 2016
Lugar de Publicación: Suiza
Enlace: pinche aquí



There has been a continuous growth in ecological agriculture (EA) in recent years. It is recognized as a production system with rational energy use and low demand for fossil fuels. There are many studies relating to this subject, in contrast to the few studies regarding the use of energy and its impact on the environment in ecological greenhouses. This article analyzes the strategies adopted by a Transformational Agricultural Society (Sociedad Agraria de Transformación) in order to improve energy efficiency in ecological greenhouses, with regards to the use of fossil fuels. The methodology is based on the Working With People (WWP) Model, which involves social learning processes over 30 years in one of the largest regions of ecological crops in Spain. The results show that the measures taken to manage the greenhouses have achieved a decrease of over 80% in terms of fossil fuel consumption. The experience demonstrates that EA, as opposed to conventional agriculture (CA), is a system with great potential when it comes to reducing energy consumption and environmental improvements through various strategies.

Keywords: Transformational Agricultural Society; ecological agriculture (EA); conventional agriculture (CA); greenhouses; fossil fuels; renewable energy

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