01/10/2013 -RETHINK kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting for RETHINK has finally taken place in Ghent last week. GESPLAN is part of this European Research project since August 2013. Representing GESPLAN attended the meeting, Ignacio de los Ríos as project director, and María Rivera as researcher. It is a 3 year project that aims at rethinking the links between farm modernization, rural development and resilience in a world of increasing demands and finite resources. RETHINK is a transdisciplinary research project supported by the European Commission and funding bodies in 14 countries. Each country has selected a case study. Spain has therefore selected Camposeven as main study body for the investigation. Camposeven is an agrarian society of transformation that has diversified its products and business areas in order to become more competitive and therefore contribute to a different kind of “modernization”, based on quality and innovation under the conceptual methodology of “Working With People (WWP)”. The analyses to be carried out are based on a set of common research questions and themes: Resilience, Prosperity, Governance and Knowledge and Learning. Each team manages a theme. Ignacio de los Ríos will be directing the PROSPERITY theme together with the Italian partners, where the focus on cost of production, productivity and cost-efficiency will shift to a new concept of effectiveness, based on the model of WWP, where social aspects become very important and part of the change (bottom-up approach). A joint analytical framework will ensure the comparability of case study analyses and allow for recommendations to be made at European level.



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