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2011 - Social involvement in rural areas. A methodological approach

Autores: Diaz Puente, Jose M. y Gallego Moreno, Francisco Jose y Vidueira, Pablo
Título: Social involvement in rural areas. A methodological approach
Congreso: International Symposium, ISAEBD 2011
Publicación: Applied Economics, Business and Development. Proceedings of International Symposium, ISAEBD 201. Springer Verlag. ISBN: 978-3-642-23022-6
Lugar celebración: Dalian, China
Fecha: Enero 2011
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Community development must be accompanied by a social involvement process which creates functional groups of citizens capable of taking responsibility for their own development. It is important that this process promotes a structure for all population groups and provides the appropriate institutional and technical support. The present paper addresses these issues from a methodological approach based on over 25 years of experience by the Institute of Community Development of Cuenca in revitalizing rural areas of the Spanish province of Cuenca. The long-term perspective of this experience provides some keys which can be used to successfully support the process of social involvement in rural areas.