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2013 - DEPLOYMENT OF URBAN AGRICULTURE IN EAST LIMA, PERÚ urban agriculture in East Lima, Peru

Autores: Javier Morales, Ramón Zamorano, Miguel Salvo
Título: Deployment of urban agriculture in East Lima, Peru
Fecha: Noviembre 2013
Lugar : Lituania
Enlace: Pincha aquí
Documento: Pincha aquí


Urban agriculture in Lima has been promoted by the project Farmers in the city encompassed in the Urban harvest program promoted by the Consultive Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). The validation of the effectiveness of the project Farmers in the city can only be confirmed by maintenance over the time the deployment of the project goals. The project Farmers in the city was carried out by the International Potato Center (CIP) and GESPLAN research group of the Technical University of Madrid. The project was conducted at the East Cone of Lima, Peru, from  2006  to  2008.  This  communication  shows  the  situation  5  years  later.  In  order  to  know  the  current  situation  all  the  members  of  Cosanaca producer association, which was created under the project, have been interviewed. Besides, an expert panel was carried out with the responsible of the urban agricultural office of the municipalities that participate in the project. The results show that Cosanaca has duplicated the number of producers and that the municipalities have increased the number of workers.

Keywords: urban agriculture; farmers’ organizations; local development; local partnerships.

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