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2018 - Project-Based Governance Framework for an Agri-Food Cooperative

Autores: Ana Teresa Herrera Reyes, Ignacio De los Ríos Carmenado y Jesús Martínez Almela
Título: Project-Based Governance Framework for an Agri-Food Cooperative
Revista: Sustainability
ISSN: 2071-1050
Volumen: 10(6) 1881
Páginas: 1-23
Fecha: 2018
Editorial: MDPI
Enlace: Pinche aquí



In a context that approaches the limits of environmental and social problems, and in view of the challenges that the agri-food sector faces today, the need to produce more food, linking environmental sustainability and human health, constitutes a means for sector organizations to turn these new conditions into opportunities to achieve their strategic objectives in project governance. The objective of this study is to analyze the governance of an agri-food cooperative comprised of farmers with more than 40 years of experience. In addition, we propose, based on the findings obtained, a plan for the organization to integrate the culture of the projects and project management in its governance system. This paper is based on a conceptual framework that takes into account the systemic nature and dynamics of social and organizational interactions, with the aim of moving towards sustainability within the agri-food system, through the analysis of an empiric study in the agriculture cooperative sector in the southeast of Spain. The findings show that working by projects offers a novel and effective governance model for the sector, and that integrating expert and experienced knowledge, working with people, is a fundamental condition for moving towards sustainability.

Keywords: Agri-food; cooperative; project management; organizational competences; project-based governance.

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