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2015 - Complexity in Project Management: Analysis from the Conceptual Model Working With People

Autores: Ignacio de los Ríos Carmenado, Ana Teresa Herrera-Reyes y Jesús Guillén Torres
Título: Complexity in Project Management: Analysis from the Conceptual Model Working With People
Revista: Dyna (Ingeniería e Industria)
Volumen: 90(1)
Páginas: inicial: 23   final:   23
Fecha: 2015
Lugar de Publicación: Bilbao
Documento: pinche aquí
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It has always recognized the uncertainty caused by the technical aspects in the management of projects, providing a dimension of complexity that is possible solving skills thought technical knowledge based on rational processes. But over time, the complexity of projects has increased and traditional models to guide no longer effective in many organizations. The search for answers and solutions has directed interest towards approaches that emphasize the complex social relationships that arise in the context of projects, with a growing social dimension of complexity.
In this article an overview of the evolution of the concept of complexity in project management and the description of its different dimensions is shown. This analysis is approached from the model Working With People, as appropriate conceptual framework to guide the complex social relations in the field of project management. The first frameworks that are committed to international innovative approaches to complexity in project management are also shown.
Current trends point to the need for greater understanding of the project environment, integrating social learning processes that foster skills development and guiding the management from the ethics and values to help to overcome the conflicts that may arise between the parties.

Keywords: Complexity, Project Management, dimensions of complexity, frameworks complexity, Working With People

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