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Autores: Ana Afonso, Adolfo Cazorla y Miguel Salvo
Título: Las cooperativas y los países en desarrollo
Revista: Mediterraneo Económico. ISBN  974-84-95531-59-9
Volumen: Vol 24, No 1
Páginas: Inicio: 155 Final: 170
Fecha: 2013
Lugar de Publicación: Almeria (España)
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The global crisis that we are currently witnessing questions the effectiveness of cooperation to development that is usually marked by a gap between the operators of cooperation and aid recipients. The «professionalization» of donor and receiver contributes to the structural problems that are at the root of them. At national level, some successes have been achieved in the last decades and they have managed to free from poverty an important share of world`s population. But a new approach to development management is needed, emphasizing people and encouraging close collaboration between donors and receivers, breaking with the dual functions of the classical models of cooperation to development. This paper shows that the cooperative model fulfils the principles of what we call cooperation to development new approaches that are focussed on the territorial approach of the initiatives. The cooperative model requires the participation of those involved in entrepreneurship and adds values of respect and care that are essential in the development models based on the territory, as it is showed in some examples.

Keywords: Cooperation to development; collaboration; cooperative model; territory

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