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2015.-Approaches Regarding the Competition in Romanian Sugar Market

Autores: MMT Rahoveanu, I de los Ríos-Carmenados, AT Rahoveanu
Título: Approaches Regarding the Competition in Romanian Sugar Market

Revista: Procedia Economics and Finance
Volumen: 22
Páginas: inicial: 313   final:   322
Fecha: 2015
Lugar de Publicación: Holanda
Enlace: pinche aquí


This paper proposes an economic instrument designed to assess the competitive nature of the sugar industry in Romania. In the first part of the paper is presented the theoretical background underlying index (HHI) and its calculation methodology. Then comes the results of a first application of this index for a total of 10 plants in the sugar industry, the robustness of these results is discussed. We believe HHI is a proactive tool that may prove useful competition authority, in its pursuit of continuous monitoring of various industries in the economy and in the internal decision-making on resource allocation institution (Peacock, and Prisecaru, 2013).The starting point of our research is to free competition in the European market with competitors much stronger than Romanian plants, plants that produce at a price lower than the domestic ones. In our study we will see if it is a concentration of production in factories around the strongest in Romania, concentration accompanied by the collapse of those who could not resist the market.The market concentration, competition policy, we will follow using the HHI index, for evaluation of impact analysis on existing trade, the number and size of competitors, protecting existing sales structures, avoiding disruptions in the competitive environment, etc.

Keywords: s:competition, private labels, e-commerce, retailer, manufacturer, raw sugar, refined sugar

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