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2012 -Approaches for the Competences Assessment in Higher Education.

Autores: Ignacio de los Rios, Benjamin Figueroa
Título: Approaches for the Competences Assessment in Higher Education.
Revista: The Hong Kong Education Society. ISBN: 978-988-19750-3-4
Volumen: 1
Fecha: 2012
Páginas Inicial: 337; final: 342
Lugar de Publicación: Hong Kong
PDF: Pinche aquí


Due of the constant changes in our society, resulting from a world globalization in all their aspect, society is demanding new requirements and skills for professionals and for general public also. Under the Competence-Based Approach introduced in higher education, it seeks to interactive training and higher education with the world of labor, that interaction will required to measure and evaluate competences acquired and developed by the people, so in such a way it takes a real and urgent need to assess properly that competences, developing effective and efficient systems to perform it. In this article we give a brief description of approaches to assess that competences, and mention the tools and techniques used for that purpose.

Keywords: Competences, Competences Assessment, Higher Education.