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Jesús María Alonso Trigueros, Andrés Luis Romera Zarza y G. Fernández San Elías

Título: Leonardo´s Civil Bridges
Congreso: IMPROVE
Publicación: ISBN: 978-88-7784-328-9
Lugar celebración: Venecia (Italia)
Fecha: 15-17 junio de 2011
Enlace: Pincha aquí
Documento: Pincha aquí



Within both aesthetic and history fields, civil engineering occupies a privileged place among arts whose manifestations are based on drawing. In this work, Leonardo’s creativity concerned with civil bridges proyects, have been studied. Leonardo designed ten bridges: eight of them intended for military porposes and only two were purely planned for civil functionaly - “Ponte sul corno d’oro”, infolio 66, manuscript L; and “Ponte a due piani”, represented in the Manuscript B at the Institute of France, infolio 23. There can be no doubt about Leonardo’s intentions when he started on designing these two bridges: his genious for creativy focused on providing both singulary and functionaly to the structures: they should be admired and utilized at the same time, a monument for civil society to be used.The work presented here attemps to make an scientist-historical trip along these Leonardo’s bridges, highlighting their technical, geometrical and aesthetic characteristics, as well as emphasizing Leonardo’s human, scientist and artistic nature.

Keywords: Civi Engineering, Bridges, History of Engineering, Aesthetic of Engineering



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