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The GESPLAN Group was created on Technical University of Madrid by Adolfo Cazorla´s direction in 2006.

The Planning and Management of Sustainable Rural Development Research Group was created in the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) in 2006 under the direction of D.Adolfo Cazorla Montero. It groups together a set of professors and experienced researchers who have been working in the area of Projects and Planning of the Development during the last 20 years. Among the members of the group there are young researchers and professionals in the fields of agronomy, industrial engineering and economy, who combine teaching and research work with an intense professional life. This expert group has lots of experience in development planning and management, programs evaluation, projects management, and issues related to underdeveloped of countryside.

As a Group we colaborate with governments, universities and companies in the elaboration of programs of development in local, regional and national scopes, as well as in diverse works of evaluation of policies related to the regional and rural development of the UE, the education, the investigation, or the cooperation to the development. These relations of collaboration have taken to us to work with international organizations - like the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) or the European Union Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development; national governments - like those of Spain, Mexico, Peru or Uruguay-; or prestigious universities - like Wageningen, Cork, Postgraduates School, Stanford, UC Berkeley, or UC Los Angeles -.

The Group objective is to approach the rural development problems in an interdisciplinary way; especially issues such in the developing countries dramatic living conditions and the specific problems of the most disadvantage regions in the developed countries.

The Group expect to make the most of the professional experience of its members to find solutions to these problems. The actions to develope are neither absolute nor independent. On the contrary, to eradicate the problems accompanying underdevelopment, those actions have to be part of a package of projects and activities to be executed simultaneously instead of precise actions. , a,. For this reason they are necessary models of planning, management and evaluation that starting with a deep knowledge of the reality improve the way to approach the programs and projects of development. Within the group we try to collaborate on the elaboration of adapted models for that planning, management and evaluation, beside be interested in specific problems such as gender perspective regional decentralization or food security. quehacemos2.jpg

Since the creation of the group, the research work, as well as the contact and the collaboration with other researchers and groups of Spanish, European and American universities has been continuous. In this respect the group interests are focused on:

  • Promoting spaces of research and cooperation in the European, North American and Latin American scopes.
  • Sharing experiences and to collaborate with other groups that have compatible interests, principles and research lines.
  • Facilitating the contact, the interchange and the stay of other researchers in the Technical University of Madrid.